How We Got Started

In 2007, Brian was looking to get out of the fast pace of the corporate world. A friend brought him a product to source, and instead, Brian created it. 

With the help of his two friends, they completed a 300,000-piece order for A.C. Moore. Brian made it official and brought his two friends Mike and Mike on board, making them the “sachet guys.'' 

After starting with only six scents, Floral Simplicity grew into what it is today. We now produce products for large companies and mom-and-pop stores around the country and worldwide.

We thank you for coming along for the ride and being a part of the process. We would not be here today without the support from all of you!


    Everything is sourced, made, and packaged right here in our home country. We believe spending more dollars here in the United States of America helps us all. Purchasing from us, you are not only supporting this company, but you are supporting all of the companies that supply us with top-quality materials. You are contributing to sustaining a supply chain right here.


    Our sachets are made with partially recycled paper packaging with biodegradable inks.The fragrance is applied to an inert organic substrate commonly found in potting soils.Each fragrance is our own proprietary blend of non-caustic synthetic and essential oils.


    We are honored to work with extraordinary artists.We love knowing that each one of our sachets has been designed by hand and photographed here in the USA.You are getting a true piece of artwork with your purchase.


    Here at Simplicity Scents, we believe in being good stewards of what we have been given. We pledge 10% of profit to charity, but in all of our years in business, we have been blessed with enough to be able to give well above that mark.Even so, giving isn't something that's a number; it's seeing a need and meeting it with compassion. We have personally worked with or met every person and organization we support. Being hands-on in giving is important to us, and many times, that is far greater than anything money can buy.We see giving as an investment in loving others.

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