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Floral Simplicity

Spring Blossoms Bundle

Spring Blossoms Bundle

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A bundle that includes some of the best spring blossom scents. These soft florals are great for those who enjoy when spring brings its new blooms.


3 Apple Blossom Scented Sachets

  • Like strolling through an apple orchard in the late spring, this sachet brings you the fragrance of apple blossoms in bloom.

3 Honeysuckle in Bloom Scented Sachets

  • You walk outside to the change of a warm day after a cold few months. The warmth of the sun hits your face. One of the most distanced aromas fills the air, and you know the honeysuckle is in bloom. We’ve captured this soft scent and created our lovely Honeysuckle in Bloom sachet. It is sure to transport you to a delightful spring day.

3 Orange Blossom Scented Sachets

  • The floral aroma of an orange orchard in bloom. Our Orange Blossom sachet has a soft, powdery sent not to be confused with the clean citrus scent of oranges. This sachet is perfect for lovers of everything floral.
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